About us

About us

The Maritime History and Underwater Archaeology Research Institute (MHUARI) is a non-profit institution forming a cooperative of specialized researchers in maritime history, underwater archaeology and scientific diving.

MHUARI’s research team handles multiple aspects of archaeological projects such as evaluating the archaeological potential of maritime and underwater sites and assembling historical profiles using archival records and iconography. The research teams also work on planning and executing remote-sensing campaigns, as well as the archaeological excavation of submerged cultural heritage sites in all its stages. MHUARI’s researchers also work to identify and characterize the archaeological and heritage sites that are associated with maritime history or are located in submerged environments.

Our Mission

Founded in 2016, MHUARI’s mission has been to document, locate, evaluate, study, and showcase the maritime and submerged cultural heritage of Quebec and Canada.

In addition to documenting maritime heritage, MHUARI also has the professional expertise to address the needs of environmental stewardship in relation to the landscape management of marine areas. MHUARI offers consulting and research services to various governmental institutions and ministries as well as private and public actors. Evaluate, identify, save and protect are the multifaceted actions that we take towards our submerged cultural heritage, protecting this non-renewable resource that is often threatened with destruction.

Education and Advocacy

MHUARI offers educational activities tailored toward various populations and can assist museums and teaching institutions with practical and theoretical learning.

MHUARI is engaged in the promotion of the submerged cultural heritage importance. The institute wishes to raise awareness of the public but also the scientific communities and diving groups toward the fragility of this heritage. This commitment to increase the visibility of submerged archaeological sites is why our researchers are engaged into multiple conferences every year as well as different outreach activities.