Conferences, Trainings and Workshops

MHUARI offers conferences and workshops on a range of topics such as the general development and methodology of underwater archaeology, and various aspects of maritime history.

Our outreach and sharing of knowledge is a core element of MHUARI’s mission. We are committed to increasing public access to our research and share this information through various platforms.


Since its foundation, MHUARI has participated in Archaeology Month of Archéo-Québec Network by giving conferences and leading activities to showcase maritime history and our projects. We have also worked with historical societies, museums, and cultural committees to provide educational speakers for events, tailoring our content to fit public interest.

Public Activities

Underwater archaeology is an exciting field that captures public interest and MHUARI has prioritized feeding that curiosity through offering public activities since 2016. These activities allow the public to be in touch with artefacts, our diving gear, and our researchers to facilitate engaging discussions with everyone.

Training (Upcoming)

MHUARI wishes to develop and promote partnerships with scientific communities within the maritime sciences. We also wish to foster partnerships with diving groups, both professional and recreational. We are working on future training focused on introducing people to archaeological method and encouraging ethical behavior regarding submerged cultural heritage.